Fisher River - National Cree Gathering 2011

Fisher River Cree Nation welcomed members of the Cree Nation from across Canada and the United States when they hosted the National Cree Gathering, August 5 - 7th 2011.The people stood united as their culture was affirmed, shared and preserved.

The theme was Creator's Laws to Indigenous People and delegates included elders, youth, volunteers, presenters, and volunteers. There were workshops and sharing circles where guest shared traditional knowledge about the land, resources, world views, storytelling and ceremonies. They Cree language was explored and featured speakers such as Francis McAdam, Alex Ahenakew and David Blacksmith.

The event launched with a unity run and all of the youth involved showed great stamina and strength. The carried a sacred bundle from Opaskwayak Cree Nation where last year's event was held, to Fisher River Cree Nation. The blessings were felt by all who attended.

The National Cree Gathering affirms what First Nations people have known and practiced for centuries: unity within our families, communities and nations is our greatest strength.

** a production **
Executive Producer | Fisher River Cree Nation
Producer | Jesse Green
Writer & Director | Don Marks
Editor | Rachel Beaulieu
Run Time | 69 mins

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