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Kinikinik: A Treaty Play by Ian Ross

Kinikinik | English

Kinikinik | French

Kinikinik is a short instructive piece of theatre that seeks to enlighten those who experience it. Commissioned by the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba (TRCM), Governor General Award winning playwright Ian Ross created the piece which serves to educate and share experiences relative to Treaty and the Treaty relationship. The story and issues are explored through three main characters who act as guides to those who view Kinikinik.

** a production **
Executive Producer | Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba
Producer and Director | Jesse Green
Writer | Ian Ross
Editor | Rachel Beaulieu
Run Time | 27 mins

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Youth Storywork Bundle Project

In the spring of 2019, a select group of Indigenous youth from Bernie Wolfe Community School met weekly for a series of hands-on workshops. Through the lens of record literacy (how documents share pieces of story) and object literacy (stories embedded in material culture), they were guided to explore their cultural and self-identity by creating a personal bundle. Then through a digital storytelling initiative, students shared onscreen interpretations of their bundles. We celebrated together with a group smudge, classroom feast, and in-school screenings of their video compilation. This project was made possible by the Indigenous Cultural Initiatives Program and we appreciate Manitoba Sport, Culture, and Heritage for their assistance.

** a production **

In partnership with students from Bernie Wolf Community School:
Selena Bileski - Grade 7
Daphny Choken - Grade 5
Jade Ferland - Grade 6
Jersey Houle - Grade 8
Daniel Lerat-Sinclair Junior Sky - Grade 5
Rosa Mann - Grade 5
Kalvin Outchikate-Hart - Grade 5
Taliah Romero - Grade 7
Sienna Rose Hobson - Grade 8
Joshua Sinclair - Grade7
Rayne Spilchuk - Grade 5
Aliyah St. Germain - Grade 6
Keira Young - Grade 7

Directors and Arts Educators | Vanda Fleury-Green and Jesse Green
Director of Photography | Nathaniel Magbanua
Billy Joe Green | Language Consultant and Musician
Kristy Sharpe | Classroom Teacher and Liason - Bernie Wolf Community School
Lisa Aymont Hunter | Ishkode Obimiwidoon - Indigenous Community Networker
Run Time | 27 mins

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