Behind in the Count

Behind in the Count tells the unlikely story of a rag-tag group of under privileged kids from Winnipeg's notorious North End who use their skills and street smarts to win a Little League National Championship in 1965. Hope and cooperation cross income and ethnic lines in the economically-depressed and socially-disadvantaged neighborhood.

Based on a true story, the Canadian Polish Athletic Club (CPAC) becomes the only team from Manitoba in 47 years to win the Little Canadian Championship by beating a team from British Columbia, which had a 9-0 record against Manitoba in national finals. They worked hard and dared to dream and, in the process, learned important life lessons. The audience will cheer and clap with every thrilling play that carries our team down the road to victory.

** a production ** Bell MTS Fibe TV (formerly Stories From Home)
Producers | Don Marks, Jesse Green & Gary Zubeck
Writer & Director | Don Marks
Editor | Rachel Beaulieu
Run Time | 52 mins

Unite Interactive