Storywork Bundles

In the spring of 2019, a select group of Indigenous youth from Bernie Wolfe Community School met weekly for a series of hands-on workshops. Through the lens of record literacy (how documents share pieces of story) and object literacy (stories embedded in material culture), they were guided to explore their cultural and self-identity by creating a personal bundle. Then through a digital storytelling initiative, students shared onscreen interpretations of their bundles. We celebrated together with a group smudge, classroom feast, and in-school screenings of their video compilation. This project was made possible by the Indigenous Cultural Initiatives Program and we appreciate Manitoba Sport, Culture, and Heritage for their assistance.

** a production **

In partnership with students from Bernie Wolf Community School:
Selena Bileski - Grade 7
Daphny Choken - Grade 5
Jade Ferland - Grade 6
Jersey Houle - Grade 8
Daniel Lerat-Sinclair Junior Sky - Grade 5
Rosa Mann - Grade 5
Kalvin Outchikate-Hart - Grade 5
Taliah Romero - Grade 7
Sienna Rose Hobson - Grade 8
Joshua Sinclair - Grade7
Rayne Spilchuk - Grade 5
Aliyah St. Germain - Grade 6
Keira Young - Grade 7

Directors and Arts Educators | Vanda Fleury-Green and Jesse Green
Director of Photography | Nathaniel Magbanua
Billy Joe Green | Language Consultant and Musician
Kristy Sharpe | Classroom Teacher and Liason - Bernie Wolf Community School
Lisa Aymont Hunter | Ishkode Obimiwidoon - Indigenous Community Networker
Run Time | 27 mins

Unite Interactive