Land Based Knowledge

Treaty 1 - Anishnaabek of Peguis First Nation

This video documents a workshop with modern First Nations people who retain a connection to the land and traditions through their lived experiences. The hands-on approach of the workshop fosters a sense of pride and identity with youth participants, facilitates the transmission of intergenerational knowledge, addresses food security issues, and creates a social platform for community building and familiarizing with local history. By exploring the harvesting, preparation, cleaning and uses of deer, moose and fish, we see that tradition is a blend of ancient technology, science and spirituality. The chemical composition of the brain contains tannin and when processed with the hide, makes it pliable and soft for clothing like mitts and moccasins. The various stages associated with preserving organic game for long-term storage, like smoking and canning, are also detailed. Acknowledging a spiritual connection with the animal that gave its life symbolizes a relationship of respect and confirms human dependency on the environment and animal beings.

** a production **
Executive Producer | Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre
Producer, Director and Writer | Jesse Green
Editor | Rachel Beaulieu
Run Time | 52 mins

Unite Interactive