Culture Camp

There is a mandatory two week culture camp in St. Theresa Point championed by University College of the North (UCN) and local leaders in education. Students are exposed to cultural activities and workshops centered on traditional Indigenous knowledge like medicine picking, harvesting wild foods, and constructing tikinagans.

"It's important we transfer that knowledge to them, and never say that they are not worthy of who they are. It's very important that you have that pride within."
- Chris Harper, Cultural Camp Advisor

This mapping project highlights UCN's 12 Regional Centres and 2 Main Campuses across 14 communities in northern MB

UCN's commitment to local voices is an immense contribution to the existing and emerging repository of Indigenous knowledge and northern memory!

** a production **
Executive Producer | University College of the North
Producer/Director | Jesse Green
Director/Writer | Vanda Fleury-Green
Run Time | 7 mins

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