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Speakers of Tomorrow is performed by the Indigenous band, Bruthers of Different Muthers. The heart of the song acknowledges old names in leadership like Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse and alludes to the question of why we no longer see trailblazers of that caliber. While the video explores cycles of oppression and intergenerational effects of colonialism, it also celebrates the spirit and culture inherent in our communities. The main message encourages youth to embrace their birthright as Indigenous people, and the roles that lead to improving the world around them.

Written & Directed by Jesse Green of
Song Written by Michel Lee Bruyere
Performed by Bruthers of Different Muthers (BODM)
Produced by Big Soul Productions
Executive Producer Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN)

** a production **
Writer, Director and Editor: Jesse Green
Director Of Photography: Reil Munro
Gaffer: Laurence Mardon


** a production **
Written, Directed and Edited by Jesse Green
Director Of Photography: Reil Munro

Billy Joe Green: Guitar and Vocals
Pat Tointigh: Bass
Ryan D'Aoust: Fiddle
Kent Macrae: Drums

Actors: Patricia Halaburda & Leroy Constant
and the wonderful staff and patrons of The New West Hotel

Billy Joe Green - Honey Girl Music Video
Album: First Law of the Land - If Broken, Return to Maker


Executive Producer: Errol Ranville (C-Weed)
Producer: Ashley Klassen
Writer/Director: Jesse Green (StrongFront TV)
Director Of Photography: Reil Munro
Art Director: Ricardo Alms
Editor: Rachel Beaulieu (StrongFront TV)

Ali Fontaine: Singer/Songwriter
Christelle Van Rooyen: Cellist
Kimbi Chartrand: Drummer
Josh Letander: Dancer

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