Ininew Language & Land

The ASKI ACHIMOWIN, Stories From the Land documentary blends land-based knowledge with storytelling for a unique approach to learning Indigenous languages! Friends of all ages came together at Egg Lake MB, on the traditional territory of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation to share and revitalize the Cree language while exploring Cree concepts of wahkotowin (good relations) and mino pimatiswin (living a good life).

Five Cree language instructional videos also support this documentary and are accessible to the public on Youtube. They feature Elders, educators, and youth sharing their experiences creating a maskîkiwat (medicine bag), tîkinâkan (cradle board), ithithikanis (sock puppet), ininikanis (homemade dolls), and asini sisopêyikana (rock paintings).

** a production **
Executive Producers | Doris Young & Esther Sanderson, University College of the North
Producer, Director & Editor | Jesse Green
Director and Writer | Vanda Fleury-Green
Cinematographer | Jordan Murdock
Run Time | 55 mins

Unite Interactive