Services Provided

From script to screen, creates video productions tailored to your specific needs. We listen carefully and meaningfully consult with our clients, who range from corporate, post-secondary, and government entities, to non-profit organizations. A common thread across industries is the demand for professional, reliable, and quality video production services.

Stages of Production

A successful project involves review, feedback and approval from script to screen! Every project is unique but on average, post-production can take up to 8 weeks.

Research & Development

  • Budget approval and contract signing
  • Planning - talent, location, timelines, narration, general and archival research
  • Script framework - content outline, questions for interviewee's, unique elements


  • Location scouting and clearance, casting, crew selection, rehearsal, wardrobe, prop acquisition and set design
  • Scriptwriting - typically 1-10 drafts from start to finish. An evolving document, it sets the tone, describes imagery and unique shots, lists music, establishes brand.
  • Shot list(s) - generated by all of the above
  • Scheduling and StrongFront release forms

Production Day(s)

  • Preparation - prior to shoot, our team meets about the project, gathers, and tests all equipment, then delivery and setup at filming location (typically the day before, or morning of)
  • Signed release forms turned over to Producer / Director
  • Filming - camera rolls with full lighting and sound. Onscreen participants say lines or answer questions, guided by onsite director and working script(s)
  • End of shoot - tear down and clear location of all equipment
  • Data back-up at the end of each day / shoot


  • From the media, create timecode burns and transcribe all spoken word content
  • Final draft of the script that includes onscreen dialogue and b-roll from film day(s), archival research sourcing and acquisition
  • Editing - Director(s) and editor work together in edit suite to synthesize script and all media, including graphics, music, and sound design
  • Rough cut delivery - Two rounds of review based on feedback and dialogue with client and StrongFront team
  • Fine cut delivery - Once approved, color correction, sound mastering, language versioning and close captioning (where applicable)
  • Trailer for social media and website (if client desires, additional costs may apply)


  • Digital delivery to broadcasters (if applicable)
  • USB, DVD, mass manufacturing, Vimeo (paid), YouTube (fee)
  • Marketing - Website, social media platforms, YouTube, Vimeo
  • Public Service Announcement (submit broadcast paperwork)


What Is Your Story?

If you have a project in mind, here are a few questions that may be helpful to initiate the process. This will help us to understand your ideas, and to define the project scope. Don't worry if you don't have all the answers, we are here to help!

  • What is your ideal timeline for production and delivery?
  • What is the purpose of the video/s? Do you have any special ideas?
  • What is the ideal length? Documentary? Short Doc? Short Series? PSA?
  • What are your key messages? Who is your target audience?
  • What emotion(s) are we trying to evoke?
  • Who will speak on behalf of the organization? Who are the people involved?
  • Do you have specific visuals in mind?
  • What cultural protocols should be honoured?
  • Will we feature any special collections, historical documents, objects of interest, and/or community landmarks?
  • Where will the video be recorded? Will there be travel?
  • Are there any significant dates or events that you would like filmed for the video?
  • Have your partners and/or funding sources outlined any special requirements, like translations, language versioning, branding, logos?
  • Who needs to approve the final video?
  • How will the video be distributed and packaged? Online, File Delivery, USB, and Broadcast are all popular options.
  • Do you have a set budget? Based on the information you share we can provide an optimal quote, and a medium quote.
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